Monday, July 26, 2010

Fav Five

I have met some very inspiratoinal people this year that are not only successful but love what they do on a daily basis.When I was around them I absorbed everything they said and did like a sponge!Whenever it was my turn to ask the questions I only had one to ask "How did you end up doing what you do and being successful at it?"I got all kinds of answers!Here is the one answer that stuck to me like glue:
This one is a toughy for me considering im afraid to let people in my world because I view it so differently.Ask yourself who is the five friends closest to you?Now answer the next five questions:
  1. Are they who you want to become?
  2. Do they believe in you?
  3. Do they see you at your full potential?
  4. Do they push you to get to where God wants you to be?
  5. Do they pray for you and are physically there to talk to you when you need motivation?
If you answered "YES!" to these five questions I am jealous! I can honestly say I did not answer yes to the five questions mainly because of ME!Have I changed alot this year?Yes but I am still having problems putting my guard down.I know eventually I will be able to answer"Yes!" to the five questions.For now im still working on me and putting God first in my life.
"And let us consider and give attentive,continious care to watching over one another,studying how we may stir up to love and helpful deeds and noble activities." Hebrews 10:24

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