Friday, July 29, 2011

Here's to Tuesdays from Vocalpoint!!!

Vocalpoint is helping launch an exciting new tool to help moms teach their teens about smart spending. Tell everyone you know with a teen to tune in Tuesday for an amazing exclusive Member offer for BillMyParents!
The BillMyParents Spend Smart Card helps teach teens smart spending habits when it counts-now! With BillMyParents, teens get the freedom they're always begging for, and parents get the control and peace of mind they need.
What is Vocalpoint?

It is a community of people like you who need advice or want a new recipe!My fav thing about being a Vocalpoint member is that I love the freebies!

Head over here
to register to become a Vocal Point member.

Let them know that mott mott deals sent you!

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