Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Coca Cola added new brands to there beverage lineup!

If you are a Coca Cola drinker and you are not participating in the My Coke rewards program then you are missing out!

Coca Cola has decided to add a few more brands to help you earn more points!Here are the brands Coca Cola has added...Im to excited!!!


Just look for the green cap!

What is My Coke rewards???
1.Drink Coca Cola products

2.Save the cap for the code

3.Make a My Coke Rewards account here
4.Start redeemimg the codes off the cap for rewards!

Pretty much Coca Cola rewards you for loving Coke products!I have redeemed my Coke rewards for another FREE COKE!Which is only 31 points!There are tons of rewards to choose from!

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