Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rush Of Fools - Tour Project

One of my favorite christian bands Rush Of Fools is needing your help to fund the tour project coming up next spring!I am very excited to be helping them out!I want them to have what they need while on the road sharing the gospel through rock music with thousands of people!They are needing help to fund some very necessary production materials for the spring tour!

Here is the low down on how you can help:
*Go to and the Rush Of Fools-Tour Project page will pull up!
*Look to the left side of the page and and click on the green "back this project up" button.

Here is what you get when you donate a certain amount to the "Tour Project":
Pledge $10 or more
We will send you a personalized, autographed picture signed by all the Fools
Pledge $25 or more
We will send you our BRAND NEW record, prior to its official release date, as well as a personalized autographed picture.
Pledge $50 or more
Receive a 'thank you' phone call from one of the Fools, plus our NEW record prior to the official release date, and a personalized autographed picture signed by all of us.
Pledge $100 or more
YOUR NAME will be printed in our upcoming album package, we will send you your copy of the NEW record prior to the release date, as well as a personalized autographed picture, and we will personally call and thank you.
Pledge $150 or more
Receive FOUR (4) tickets to any Rush Of Fools show near you, our NEW record prior to release date (with your name printed in the album package!), a personalized autographed picture and a phone call from the band.
Pledge $200 or more
Wes will be sending you a handwritten lyric sheet (we hope you can read it!) for your favorite song by the Fools, plus the $150 package.
Pledge $350 or more
Skype with one of us, you pick the Fool! (20 minute session) Also get the $150 package. During the Skype session, we can talk life... anything from music, to music gear, theology, advice about band stuff, talk tour buses (or church vans), or even behind-the-scenes stuff - anything you want! (within reason, haha.)
Pledge $500 or more
Receive a super fun plaque (that you hang on your wall, not on your teeth) with the ACTUAL guitar strings we use to record our upcoming record, plus the $150 package.
(15 of 15 remaining)
Pledge $750 or more
Receive a personalized autographed acoustic guitar from us, plus the $150 package.
Pledge $1000 or more
We will perform a 3-song acoustic show for you via Skype, plus the $150 package. You pick your favorite ROF songs, and we'll play them!
Pledge $3000 or more
Come and have dinner (probably something fried...) as well as just spend the evening with us in our hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. You'll also get the $150 package (NOTE: transportation and hotel not included - the rest we'll handle!).
(3 of 3 remaining)
Pledge $5000 or more
With this pledge, you'll be apart of our exclusive acoustic based Living Room Concert Series (within 100 miles of any Rush Of Fools show), plus you'll get SIX (6) FRONT ROW seats to the show in town, dinner backstage with the band, and the $150 package. You pick the songs, and we'll play them - in your own house, for you and your friends.
(5 of 5 remaining)
Pledge $8000 or more
Have your very own FULL BAND Rush Of Fools concert! We bring the full electric, plugged in, "real deal" show to YOU. You pick the place, venue, church, or location, and we will handle the rest. You'll even help us make the set list for the evening, if ya want. And obviously, we'll throw in that $150 package.
(4 of 5 remaining)


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