Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with Papa!

I am a little late posting these pics but I hope you enjoy them.Papa got volunteered to carve the pumpkin for the nephews and the big kids!
Little sis cooked up some Sugar cookies with the little ones!I bet you can't guess which one the little ones decorated!

Papa carving away!

My two nephews watching Papa!

He is just to darn cute!

The Final product!Papa did a good job!

 Anytime I can get the family together I am so up for it!My nephews are my world and I love them very much!Hope you enjoyed a little look into my world!
Happy Halloween!I hope you guys look forward to the holidays like I do!There is something special about each holiday that makes it worth rounding up the family for some FUN!!

Trick or Treat!!!

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