Monday, October 11, 2010

Deals of the day 10/11-Free Kleenex for a year!

Go check out to see what deals they have on brands like Jared Lang, Pulsar, Dyrberg/Kern.You can always refer a friend to get credits!
P&G Everyday Solutions ™: Great Values and Expert Advice.
I just recently joined and I have already received samples in the mail from them.Not to mention HIGH VALUE COUPONS!Here are the free samples I was able to request today!
My Selected Samples & Coupons
**Head & Shoulders
My Collection: Classic Clean
***Pantene Customized Hair Solutions
Pantene Flat to Volume SH/CN
***Prilosec OTC®
Block your frequent heartburn with Prilosec OTC so you can power on with your life.
Get a free sample of Tampax Pearl and Tampax Compak Pearl.
***Always® Ultra Thin and Dri-Liners Plus
P&G has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF) to help increase women’s chances of surviving breast cancer through early detection. Read on to learn how you can help fight the battle against breast cancer — simply by redeeming coupons.

Redeem One Coupon
Every coupon you redeem from the Sunday, October 10, issue of P&GbrandSAVER® will help give the gift of hope by helping educate women on the importance of breast cancer early detection. When breast cancer is found early, the five-year survival rate is 96%!
For every coupon you redeem, a $.02 donation will be made to the NBCF.
Make Your Own Plan

In addition, P&G and NBCF are committed to helping you create and follow your own plan. is an interactive online tool that helps remind you to schedule breast self-exams, mammograms and clinical breast exams. It also includes a flexible reminder system that uses e-mail, calendars and text messages.
Make Your Own Plan Now

Thought a school here locally might want to enter the contest!
Colds can spread through classrooms like wildfire. Never fear, Puffs is here! We want to help kids learn healthy nose-blowing habits at school—and at home. That's why we created a program that's a win for parents and schools.
Here's How It Works:
Parents send kids to school with Puffs.
Teachers collect the Puffs UPCs.
Teachers turn in Puffs UPCs to designated Official School Representative.
Official School Rep counts and updates school UPC total
on the Puffs Back-to-School website.
The top three schools (in each category*) that collect the most UPCs
are awarded a year's supply of Puffs.
Just head on over here to get more info!
October 31: Don't miss $113 in coupon savings and great solutions for your everyday needs.For you coupon

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