Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deals of the day 9/29

Remember a few weeks ago we requested a sample!Well,they actually are coming.Here is my email to prove it!
Dear martha,
An incredible thing happened when we decided to offer free samples of our new Cold-EEZE® flavors: an avalanche of responses flooded our website which depleted our inventory of samples very quickly. However, we would never leave our fans out in the cold! Therefore, we are honoring all requests that we received to date...even though we received more than 50,000 requests for samples in less than 48 hours.
We are racing to get the sample packs out as quickly as possible. Yours will be arriving during the next few weeks, if not sooner. Once you've sampled our new and improved Cold-EEZE flavors let us know how you like them by sharing on Facebook ( or Twitter ( Or please email me directly:
By the way, my personal favorite is our new Mint Frost flavor - I hope you like it.
Get well sooner,
Ted Karkus
CEO, ProPhase Labs, Inc.
(makers of Cold-EEZE)
Go check out the awesome deals gots going on with name brand clothes such as Ed Hardy, Stuhrling, Moraglione, Stud Earrings.Go check it out and remember you can earn credits to your account when you recommend your friends to the website!Thats Awesome!
Free Shipping, TODAY ONLY!Spend $87 or more and you can get free shipping when you enter this code in at checkout TODAYONLY.Just go to .
Toys R Us 
I got the email today for some of you early Christmas shoppers that want the newest toy on the market!
Just a BIG reminder from a tiny elf (myself!), to check out one of the newest and coolest products from GeoTrax. It’s the
Geotrax® Christmas in ToyTown™ RC Set

With lights, sounds, RC action and more, it makes the most perfect gift for your little girl or boy.
And “shhh”, I’m going to let you in on a little secret from the big man himself … it isn’t going to last forever! So check it out at today. Don’t get left out in the snow without one!
P.S. You can watch a video of all the train action here!
Mary Kay
Everyone who knows me on a personal level knows I love everything Mary Kay!They have introduced some new products to to the line just in time for Christmas!Go check it out through my Mary Kay consultant website and help her meet her goal this month.You can get it shipped to your house or she can deliver it to you!Just contact her if you have any questions or would like a makeover!

Got an email today from the saying that my samples will be here soon!
Hang On, Your SmartyPants Samples Will Be There Soon!Thank you for giving SmartyPants a try.

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