Thursday, August 19, 2010

IGNITE 2010:Follow Through!!!

Over the past year I have fallen in love with the band Follow Through mainly because of one of the guitar players Micah Nash.Follow Through has played to alot of audiences in their hometown of Pell City and all I heard was great reviews from all of them!This was my second time seeing them in concert and they have only gotten better at doing what they do!Very talented young group of guys with great personalities!God really uses their talent to win souls!I cannot wait to keep following you guys through your adventure with the band!Keep growing because God has big plans for each of you and of course I will always have my camera ready to follow you!

Micah Nash

I would have loved to put the names up under all the pictures but I am having problems finding there Myspace page to make shure I spell the names right but they do have a Twitter page so that you can follow them.Will post more pictures later on today!

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