Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Faith + Fear = Consistency

  As most of you know my mom is doing chemo because she has breast cancer and were making shure it never comes back!For me the hardest thing is knowing that it could come back at anytime and somewhere else in her body.Lately I have been an emotional train wreck because you feel like no one understands!Seeing my mom having to fight something that I cannot control is not my idea of a good time I assure you!A few days ago after I got home from an really awesome church service I realized that I can control it!I know right now your thinking I have lost it but I assure you I know where im going with this.I can control life situations by this one word CONSISTENT.

CONSISTENT FAITH-It is easy to have faith when everything is going right but the reality of it is that life throws you curve balls.I have learneed to not let the enemy win!The first time I even give the enemy an inch I have already lost the battle.Trust me I am still working on having consistent faith but I know if im not growing to be more christike then im not in Gods will for my life.
Romans 1:17
"For in the gospel a righteousness which God ascribes a revealed,both springing from faith and leading to faith.As it is written,The man who through faith is just and upright and shall live by faith."

CONSISTENT FEARLESSNESS-I have learned to stay positive and stand firm.When the enemy smells fear he starts toying with you and you have lost the battle!When he realizes his games are not getting to you he knows he has been defeated!
"And do not be frightened or intimidated in anything by your opponents and adversaries,for such will be a clear sign to them of destruction,but of your deliverance and salvation,and that from God."

Trust me when I tell you that I am still working on not doubting my bestfriend Jesus Christ!I am going through alot again this year with testing  my friends to figure out who are my true friends which is going to be my next inspiration blog that I will share with you!Thank you guys for letting me share deals of the day,inspiration,and introducing yall to new christian bands.Love you all very much and will keep you updated on how my mom is doing .

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