Sunday, July 11, 2010


So,I bet some of you Menlo fans have been wondering what the guys have been up to this summer.Well,I would love to feel you in!Most of the guys have been doing the part time job thing and working on there church praise team.Some of the guys also had the honors of ministering at Camp Springville where about 50 or more AG youth groups were attending for a week.This was the first time I got to be with all the guys in the same room!For a big Menlo fan like me it was exciting to see them fired up and ready to touch a already on Fire generation of young people!!As most of you know I always have my camera around where Justin Jackson is the last two years I have enjoyed following the guys on Facebook,Myspace,and Twitter.If you are not already stalking (hehehe) the guys on Twitter all I got to say is "Whats wrong with you?"You are missing out!!Drop what you are doing and follow them NOW...
Out of all the pictures I take of Justin I didn't have one of just me and him!I finally got a chance to get my picture with him!Yes,I am totally bragging!!Love you guys and thank you for being so nice to me when I have my camera in your face.I cannot wait to see where God takes you in life!I will have my camera ready supporting you guys 100%!Now here is my picture:

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