Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out Of Gas??

A few weeks ago I thought I would test my car and let the gas tank stay on empty because I was to lazy to stop and get gas.Obviously it did not go as far as I wanted it because it ran completely out of gas.My pastor had to help me get my car up and running again.I know it is kind of funny but stupid on my part!!On the searious note it made me think about as christians we all get burnt out sometimes on a spiritual level.I have had alot of changes in my life since last year which were for the good.I got so hungry for God!I have felt that way before but could never figure out how to keep myself on fire for him.After talking to alot of youth ministers and doing my own bible study I have figured it out!I am still on fire for God and just can't get enough of him!Here are some ways to keep yourself on FIRE for God:
  1. Being Thankful for what God does in your life.
  2. Staying in my prayer room
  3. Praising God through the bad times and the good times.
  4. Preaching it when I need it.
  5. Hearing the word of God come out of my mouth(this one still amazes me because I have to get mad in order to want to throw scriptures at you because I have to be passionate about whatever I am talking or arguing about.It is WEIRD!!)
  6. Making shure I study my Bible becasue that gets me closer to being more like him which we should aim for as christians.
I am still applying these to my own life.I hope you do to because God has done some miracles in mine because of my obedience to him.
"Never lag in zeal and in earnest endeaver;be aglow and burning with the spirit,serving the Lord."
Romans 12:11

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