Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adult or Not An Adult

Everyone knows out of anyone im the biggest kid in the bunch.I order kids meals and actually play with the toys that go in them.My favorite place to play is at the playground which is also my safe haven when I need time alone.When I hear someone let out gas or any bodily function I giggle like a little 3 year old.Im so mature!Which brings me to the one question:What makes you an adult?
For some an adult is considered someone that has a family or is supporting themsleves financially.Others consider an adult to be someone thats has graduated college or is maybe owning there on house.What if nothing I said in the last two sentences apply to you.Are you still considered an adult?After doing my research I realized that really and truly none of the above really makes you an adult.Do they give you responsibilty?Of course they do!This is what I have learned is an adult:
  1.  You can listen to someone give you criticism without taking it the wrong way.
  2. Accept others even when you don't agree with them.
  3. Control your anger without violence or verbal abuse.
  4. Admitting you are wrong instead of using the phrase "I told you so!"
  5. When you make a decision you stand by it.
  6. Always be dependable
  7. Be at peace with things you cannot change because life throws you curve balls.
  8. Make shure you are growing spiritually by actually dusting off the Bible and reading it!Don't depend on your pastor to feed you the Word every Wed & Sun.God needs to be #1 in your life!!
  9. Get your priorities straight!
  10. Last but not least-Never forget to have FUN.Life is to short to waste stressing over the little things!
I will be turning the big 25 on my B-day this year and not happy about it.I have not graduated from college yet,no kids but love being an aunt to two wonderful nephews,and some day I will own my own house.For now im just like any college student putting the money in the savings account and scrapping to get my tuition paid.Even though I am getting older I am always going to be a big kid.Trust me I am still learning how to be an adult.It is not easy but I know if I grow in my relationship with God life can only get better for me.Hope you learned something because I did doing my research on it!

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